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Estes Camera Rocket Kits

Model Rocket Kits from Estes with Camera Payloads that take pictures and/or videos during flight.

All kits require some construction. Tools, adhesives, finishing materials, launch equipment and engines are not supplied with all kits.

What's New

03/20/2016 - New Mid-Power Scale Kits!
We've just released three new mid-power scale kits based on our sturdy 1.9" tubing. Details...
01/26/2016 - New Estes Little Joe II kit is now in stock!
Big, 1/45th scale model of the vehicle that was used to test the Apollo Capsule escape tower. Details...
01/20/2016 - Jolly Logic Chute Release Now Available!
This much-anticipated new product from Jolly Logic is a parachute deployment product for model rocketry which gives you control over when your parachute opens without having to use additional ejection charges or black powder. Details...
12/19/2015 - T-80 Bulkheads
Balsa bulkheads for T-80 tubes now in stock. Details...
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