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13mm "Hang Time" Parachute Duration Kit


Price: $14.95 each


This model features balsa cone, quality spiral-wound body tubes, shock cords made of KEVLAR® & thin wood fins. Each kit comes with one of our "Hang Time" Competition Parachute kits made of thin 1/4 mil aluminized polyester. The parachute size included with each kit is a good all-around size for the model size, but you may want to use a larger or smaller size depending on flying conditions. To see other competition parachute sizes that are available click here.


Length: 10.88"/27.6 cm
Diameter: .541"/13.74 mm
Approx. Weight (w/out recovery device): 0.27 oz/7.5 gm
Recommended Engines: 1/4A3 - 3T; 1/2A3 - 2T; 1/2A3 - 4T; A3 - 4T; A3 - 6T
Skill Level: Beginner
Recovery Device: Parachute (15" 1/4 mil metallized polyester)

What you'll need to build this rocket:

Adhesives – a thin or medium viscosity cyanoacrylate ("CA") glue can be used for most steps and is recommended (other adhesives, such as wood glue, [i.e., Elmer's Carpenters Glue or Titebond] or epoxy can be used if you prefer and are familiar with their use, but the use of a CA glue will provide the lightest weight model); hobby knife with a sharp #11 blade; straight edge (preferably metal); sandpaper (medium - 220 or 280, fine - 320 or 400, & [optionally] extra fine - 500 or 600); ball point pen or pencil.
Recommended, but not required: sanding block; extender tip for cyanoacrylate glue.
Optional (see instructions): accelerator for cyanoacrylate glue; sanding sealer (or balsa fillercoat); thinner (appropriate type for the sanding sealer); clear dope; dope thinner; small paint brush; paint.

What else you'll need to fly this rocket:

Engines (see list above); Recovery Wadding; Electronic Launch System and Launch Pad