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Blue Origin New Shepard Builders Kit (18mm, Estes)


Price: $35.99 each


The Estes New Shepard Builders Kit is a semi-scale model of the Blue Origin New Shepard launch vehicle. This updated kit features laser-cut wood parts, plastic nose cone, waterslide decals and parachute recovery, it can fly to an altitude of 700 feet on a C6-5 engine.
Like the real vehicle, after deploying the capsule, the rocket falls through the atmosphere under parachute to gently touch down. Also like the real Blue Origin New Shepard, you can fly the New Shepard model again and again!


Length: 11.8"/30 cm
Diameter: 1.64"/42 mm
Weight: 1.9 oz/54 gm
Parachute Recovery
Skill Level Intermediate
Recommended Engines: B4-4; B6-4; C6-5

What you'll need to build this model:

Scissors, pencil, ruler, fine sandpaper, yellow glue, medium CA glue ("Gap-Filling"), wax paper, sand block, masking tape, primer, paint (white) and clear coat (optional). Tools, construction and finishing supplies not included.

What you'll need to fly this model:

Electronic launch system; launch pad with 1/8" rod; recovery wadding; engines (see list of recommended engines above).