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Conformal Rail Guides for T-1.9 Tubes (set of 2)


Price: $3.99 each


Conformal Rail Guides that fit our T-1.9 tube (or similar size tubes from other manufacturers). The underside is curved to fit the outside of the tube and makes gluing them in place very easy. Use two (or more) on each rocket. Each guide is 3/4" long and weighs about .95 grams. Fits standard 1010 size rails. Comes in a set of two guides. These guides are 3D printed from PLA and made by Rosenfield Aerospace.

Rail guides can be used to replace traditional launch lugs. They help to guide the rocket on its first few feet of flight until sufficient speed is developed for the fins to stabilize the model. At least two should be used per rocket.

The advantage of rails over a normal launch rod is that a rail is generally much stiffer than a rod and you will almost never get "rod-whip" as the rocket leaves the launcher. Rails are becoming more common at launches for heavier mid and high-power rockets, and can even be used for smaller models if desired. Many clubs and organized launches now provide rails, but be sure to check the availability before planning on flying a model with rail guides or buttons.

1010 size rails are the most common and can be used with most mid and high-power rockets.