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D20-4 Q-Jet Model Rocket Engine


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2 pack of D20-4W Q-Jet™ model rocket engines. Includes igniters and recovery wadding. 18mm size designed to fit a standard T-20 size tube/engine mount (same size as standard Estes A thru C engines).

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A few states have age restrictions to purchase model rocket engines, click here for more info.

From the manufacturer:


AeroTech/Quest introduces “C” and “D” size, 18mm x 70mm, Q-Jet White Lightning composite propellant model rocket motors. This represents “A First For Model Rocketry”. For the first time consumers will finally have a choice of propellant formulations in traditional size model rocket motors. In addition to Black MaxTM, Q-Jet’s initial propellant formulation, consumers will now be able to choose between two aerospace grade solid composite propellants that are from the same family of solid propellant as NASA’s Space Shuttle boosters, sounding rockets and military missiles. Available in “A” to “D” motor types, Q-Jet’s 18mm x 70mm physical size allow them to fit into all traditional model rocket kits. Both White Lightning (W) and Black Max (FJ) propellant formulations produce more than twice the specific impulse (Isp) as conventional black powder rocket motors.

New White Lightning Q-Jets produce a brilliant white exhaust plume, bright white smoke and a throaty roar at lift-off. The new Q-Jet C18W delivers 9.8 N-sec of total impulse with a peak thrust of 23.6N, while the new D20W Q-Jet produces 13.8 N- sec of total impulse and a peak thrust of 24.3N. Both the C18W and D20W White Lightning Q-Jets are available in 4, 6 and 8 second time delays and are clamshell packaged as complete launch packs with motors, initiators & recovery wadding.


D20W White Lightning Q-Jet

Diameter: 0.69” (18mm)
Length: 2.75” (70mm)
Propellant: White Lightning (W)
Total Impulse: 13.8 N-sec (3.1 lb.-sec)
Burn Time: .76 sec
Peak Thrust: 5.46 lbs. (24.3 N)
DelayTimes: 4, 6 & 8
Propellant Weight: 8.7 g (.31 oz.)
Loaded Weight: 24.1 g (.85 oz.)