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E30-4 Estes Model Rocket Engine (3 Lot + Sonic Igniters)


Retail Price: $68.96
ASP Price: $34.99 each
You Save $33.97!


24mm in diameter. Total impulse 33.6 Newton-seconds. Fits inside T-50 or T-50H size tube. From Estes (manufactured by Aerotech for Estes). Note that these are composite engines and more difficult to light than an black powder engine and require different launch systems than used for a typical Estes black powder engine. Look at the Pratt Go Box, FullBoost or the Aerotech Interlock launch controllers if you need to upgrade your system to fly composite engines (they can also be used with black powder engines).

Special Purchase - a great savings over the regular retail price! Each three lot of these engines also comes with a four pack of igniters (no need to order separately)! Order two or more of the four lots for even more savings!

VERY Limited Quantities! Only 2 of the three lots left!

Note: we can only ship this item by ground to the Continental US.

A few states have age restrictions to purchase model rocket engines, click here for more info.