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F52-5C Model Rocket Engines


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New single-use "Classic Enerjet" rocket motor from Aerotech. 29mm in diameter x 83mm long. Total impulse 66.2 Newton-seconds. Fits inside T-29 size tube. Comes with FirstFire Mini Initiators. Two per pack.

From the manufacturer:

The new F52C rocket motor is a true “Blast From The Past” as it mimics the look, sound and performance of the original Enerjet Propellant. According to Gary Rosenfield, company founder and president, “Our Classic Enerjet rocket motor captures the spirit of the original Enerjet rocket motor, which inspired me to become a model rocket manufacturer.”

The new F52C features AeroTech’s “Classic” propellant formulation delivering 66.2 N-Sec. (14.9 lb.-Sec.) of total impulse with a 1.3 second burn time and total weight of 2.9 oz. (81.4 g). Impressive lift-offs with a translucent exhaust plume studded with supersonic shock diamonds and no smoke, that appears to make your rocket leap-off the launch pad.


Diameter: 1.125” (29mm)
Length: 3.283” (83mm)
Propellant: ClassicTM (C)
Total Impulse: 66.2 N-Sec (14.9 lb.-Sec)
Burn Time: 1.3 seconds
Peak Thrust: 16.8 lbs. (74.6 N)
Delay Time: 5 seconds
Propellant Weight: 1.1 oz. (30 g)
Loaded Weight: 2.9 oz. (81.4 g)


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