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FJ Fury: Wings for the Fleet


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During the late 40's through the 50's, the Navy's Fury series introduced jet power to the US carrier fleet. Developed concurrently with the USAF F-86 series, the FJ-2 and -3 eventually led to the advanced and stunningly beautiful FJ-4. Included on this exciting DVD package are:

* U.S. Navy FJ-2 procedues training films

* An alternate "Modeler's Notes" audio track

* FJ-2 carrier operations on the USS Hancock

* FJ-3 operations at Barber's Point, Hawaii

* FJ-4 weapons testing at Point Mugu

* An FJ-4 aircraft recognition briefing film

* A selection of FJ Fury still photos, accessible via DVD slide show or DVD-ROM drive

* A vintage film highlighting the development and construction of North American Aviation's 50's era 16" wind tunnel