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Jolly Logic Snap Mount


Price: $9.95 each


The Snap Mount for AltimeterOne, AltimeterTwo, and AltimeterThree.

The Snap Mount makes it easy to mount your altimeter quickly and securely. Made of strong polypropylene, these mounts are built to be tough. Just insert the nose of your altimeter under the clip, then press the other down until it snaps securely. To release, you spread the snaps apart to release the altimeter.

Just slightly wider, longer, and higher than the altimeter itself, and very light (weighs just 4 grams).

Kit includes screws, nuts, and bolts that work on a variety of materials. Also includes hook-and-loop strap that you can trim with scissors to fasten the mount to fuselages, struts, and landing gear.

Dimensions: 55 long x 23 wide x 20 mm tall (2.14″ x 0.89″ x 0.80″)
Weight: 4.04g (0.143 ounces)
Material: Black Polypropylene

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