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Kappa-9M Model Rocket Kit (18mm Cluster or 24mm Single Engine)


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ASP Price: $39.95 each
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The Kappa 9M is a two - stage Japanese sounding rocket. The first Kappa 9M (K - 9M - 1) was flown on November 12, 1962.

Impressive on display as well as in the air, this kit of the Kappa - 9M can be built in either of two ways: to fly on a cluster of three 18 mm engines or with a single 24mm D or E engine. This big (over 3 1/2 feet tall) model is always an attention-getter!
This kit features laser-cut basswood fins, balsa nose cone and transition, waterslide decal and well illustrated instruction sheets.


Length: 44.25"/112.4 cm
Diameter: 1.637"/41.58 mm
Weight: 4.5 oz/128 gm
18" Parachute Recovery
Scale: approx. 1/10.1
Skill Level: Intermediate
Center of Pressure: 36.75" from tip of nose
Requires 3/16" Launch Rod and Launch System capable of igniting three engines for cluster version
Recommended Engines: (24mm) C11-3; D12-5; E20-7; E30-7; (Cluster, 3 of each) B6-4; C6-7

What you'll need to build this model:

Adhesives (Wood glue, such as Elmer’s Carpenters Glue, can be used throughout and is recommended for most construction. Thin Cyanoacrylate [“CA”] is recommended for the parachute construction, but not required. Other adhesives [epoxy, CA, etc.] may be used if you are familiar with their use and prefer them.); Hobby Knife with sharp #11 Blade; Ruler; Pencil or Ball Point Pen; Felt Tip Marker; Masking Tape; Sandpapers (Medium - 180 or 220, Fine 320 or 400, & [optionally] Extra-Fine - 500 or 600); Sanding Sealer (or other balsa filler coat); Thinner (appropriate for the type of sanding sealer used); Small Paint Brush (to apply sealer); Spray Paint (such as Testors or Krylon is recommended, do not mix brands/types without testing) - Primer (optional, but recommended), White (optional, but recommended), Aluminum, Steel (note: silver may be used in place of the aluminum and steel if a simpler painting scheme is desired), Fluorescent Red and (optionally) Clear (flat clear preferred).
Recommended, but not required: Sanding Block; Tack Cloth.
Optional: Material to fill body tube seams and/or any imperfections in wood parts, such as Elmer’s Carpenters Wood Filler, Interior Spackling Paste, etc.; decal setting or solvent solution (such as Solv-A-Set or Super Set).

Note: the engine mounts are not interchangable, the kit has to be built in either the single engine version or the cluster version.

What else you'll need to fly this model:

Electronic launch system (capable of igniting three engines for cluster version); launch pad with 3/16" launch rod; recovery wadding; engines (see list of recommended engines above).