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Launch Lug Combo Pack


Retail Price: $9.00
ASP Price: $5.99 each
You Save $3.01!


Combo pack of three popular sizes of our launch lugs at a discounted price. 24 total lugs, a $9.00 value if purchased individually! Our 1/8" and 3/16" launch lugs are top-quality glassine coated mylar lugs. The 1/8" lugs fit a standard 1/8" launch rod and are 1 1/4" long. The 3/16" lugs fit a standard 3/16" launch rod and are 2" long. The 1/4" lugs are made like miniature body tubes and are designed to be used in pairs. They are 1" long.


12   1/8" Launch Lugs
 6    3/16" Launch Lugs
 6    1/4" Launch Lugs