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Here are the most recent items that have been added to our site. Included are brand-new items, as well as products of note that have been out of stock but are now available again.

Fourteen US Army Missiles of the Cold War

Booklet from Peter Alway with Chris Timm

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G10 - 005 Sheet (Sm. Sheet)

G10 Fiberglass Sheet. 0.005" (0.41mm) X 4" X 12"

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Tall Boy Model Rocket Kit

Flies on 24mm engines in any 1 of 4 configurations up to 10' tall

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Gold Metalized Polyester Tape

Thin gold tape with a multitude of uses!

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Micro Astrobee D Model Rocket Kit

New Scale Model Rocket Kit for MicroMaxx Motors

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Riptide™ Launch Set (Estes)

Ready-to-Fly Model Rocket Starter Set

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Sanding Sealer 4 oz (SIG)

Use to fill the grain in wood parts

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Alway Cold War Booklet Combo

Booklets from Peter Alway with Chris Timm

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Doorknob Model Rocket Kit (Estes)

Scale Model Rocket Kit for 29mm Engines

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Silver Metalized Polyester Tape

Thin silver tape with a multitude of uses!

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That Tube Rocket! (29mm Version)

Big tube fin rocket for 29mm engines

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Jolly Logic Chute Release

Deployment device gives you control over when your parachute opens

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G10 Fin X-Sm Trap 0.010

Laser-cut G10 Fiberglass Fins for Model Rockets.

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NASA SLS Model Rocket Kit (1:200 Scale, 18mm, Estes)

Ready-to-Fly Scale Model Rocket for 18mm Engines

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B6-4 Q-Jet Model Rocket Engine

New White Lightning Q-Jets! 2 Pack, 18mm Diameter

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All the Greens! Three Neon Green Sport 'Chutes

Pack of three Neon 'Chutes, one each 12", 15" & 18"

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Saturn 1B Kit (Estes)

Scale Model Rocket Kit for 24mm Engines

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