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Here are the most recent items that have been added to our site. Included are brand-new items, as well as products of note that have been out of stock but are now available again.

Gold Metalized Polyester Tape

Thin gold tape with a multitude of uses!

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Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo

Flight analysis tool that's small enough for most rockets

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Micro Astrobee D Model Rocket Kit

New Scale Model Rocket Kit for MicroMaxx Motors

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Sanding Sealer 4 oz (SIG)

Use to fill the grain in wood parts

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Doorknob Model Rocket Kit (Estes)

Scale Model Rocket Kit for 29mm Engines

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Silver Metalized Polyester Tape

Thin silver tape with a multitude of uses!

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Tack Cloth

Use before painting to remove dust and lint

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That Tube Rocket! (29mm Version)

Big tube fin rocket for 29mm engines

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Jolly Logic Chute Release

Deployment device gives you control over when your parachute opens

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G10 Fin X-Sm Trap 0.010

Laser-cut G10 Fiberglass Fins for Model Rockets.

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NASA SLS Model Rocket Kit (1:200 Scale, 18mm, Estes)

Ready-to-Fly Scale Model Rocket for 18mm Engines

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B6-4 Q-Jet Model Rocket Engine

New White Lightning Q-Jets! 2 Pack, 18mm Diameter

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10/06/2021 - Upcoming Schedule
Our office will be closed 10/14 - 10/18. Details...
10/02/2021 - October Specials Updated
Check out the great deals for this month! Details...
10/01/2021 - New G10 fin and sheets in stock
A couple of lightweight new items aimed at you competition fliers... Details...
09/26/2021 - 29mm Sandia Sandhawk available again...
This popular 1.9" scale kit is back in stock! Details...
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My only regret is that I didn't order more of your fine products. My local rocket buddy and I expect to be ordering from you more in the future. Thank you for a great experience! - Michael M.

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