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Rascal™ & HiJinks™ Launch Set (Estes)


Retail Price: $35.99
ASP Price: $32.49 each
You Save $3.50!


This Launch Set comes with two Estes rocket that are ready to fly right out of the box. You just have attach the parachutes and you're ready to launch in just a few minutes. No painting, gluing or building needed for these two rockets!
Included launch system comes with the Astron II Launch Controller and Astron II Launch Pad.

Specifications for both rockets:

Length: 14 in. (35.6 cm)
Diameter: .98 in. (25 mm)
Estimated Weight 1.52 oz. (43 g)
Recovery: 12 in. (30.5 cm) Parachute
Recommended Engines: A8-3 (First Flight), B4-4, B6-4, C6-5, C6-7
Projected Max Altitude: 1,200 ft. (366 m)

What else you'll need to fly this rocket:

Engines (see list above); Recovery Wadding; One 9V Alkaline Battery