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Rockets of the World 1999 Supplement


Price: $24.99 each


Rockets of the World 1999 Supplement
by Peter Alway

One in a series of supplements from Rockets of the World author Peter Alway. According to Peter, these most recent versions have had some errors corrected from the original versions.

This comb-bound booklet is 32 pages long and features detailed color-keyed dimensioned drawings and historical summaries for 14 rockets and missiles from several countries.

Includes info on the following vehicles:

V-1-Ye (USSR/Russia)
Private A (United States)
Aerobee 300A (United States)
Super Chief (United States)
Titan II Satellite Launch Vehicle (United States)
Centaure (France)
Eridan (France)
Pencil (Japan)
Baby (Japan)
Long Tom (Australia)
Aeolus (Australia)
Black Brant VC (Canada)
Black Brant IX (Canada)
Flamenco (Spain)