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Rockets of the World 2004 Supplement


Price: $24.99 each


Rockets of the World 2004 Supplement
by Peter Alway

One in a series of supplements from Rockets of the World author Peter Alway. According to Peter, these most recent versions have had some errors corrected from the original versions.

This comb-bound booklet is 32 pages long and features detailed color-keyed dimensioned drawings and historical summaries for 12 rockets and missiles from several countries.

Includes info on the following vehicles:

Soyuz-Fregat (Russia)
Aerobee 100 (Aerobee Junior) (United States)
Nike-Iroquois (NIRO) (United States)
Raven (United States)
Javelin III (United States)
Hydac (United States)
Terrier-Nike (United States)
Athena H (United States)
Atlas-Agena B (United States)
Skua (England)
Fulmar (England)
Zenit (Switzerland)