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Sanding Sealer 8 oz (SIG)


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Use to fill the grain in wood parts (fins, nose cones, etc.). 8 ounce can.

This Sanding Sealer is low-shrink butyrate dope with special light weight, easy-to-sand fillers added. This is a very thick sealer, and we find it works best when thinned down (even by as much as 50%). Stir well before use - if thinning down pour some sealer into a separate container and add as much thinner as desired (try different ratios of sealer to thinner to see what works best for you).

Sand wood parts smooth before application, we like to apply a couple of coats (allowing to dry between coats) then sand until you reach the surface of the wood. Apply further coats of sealer and sand between each application until all the wood grain is filled to your satisfaction.

SIG Sanding Sealer is compatible with other butyrate dope thinners (such as Midwest).

Note: we can only ship this item by ground to the Continental US.