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Selected US Navy Missiles of the Cold War


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Selected US Navy Missiles of the Cold War
by Peter Alway

The most recent work from Rockets of the World author Peter Alway. This comb-bound booklet is 40 pages long and features 29 photos along with detailed color-keyed dimensioned drawings and historical summaries for select Navy missiles used during the Cold War. Included in the booklet is info on these missiles:

Polaris A-1 (UGM-27A)
Polaris A-2 (UGM-27B)
Polaris A-3 (UGM-27C)
Poseidon C-3 (UGM-73A)
Bullpup A (ASM-N-7-A, AGM-12B)
Bumblebee XPM (RTV-N-6)
Talos Prototype
First Tactical Talos
Unified Talos (SAM-N-6, RIM-8)

Terrier I (BW-1, RIM-2A)
Terrier HTR (RIM-2F)
Tartar (RIM-24)
Sparrow I (AAM-N-2, AIM-7A)
Sparrow III (AAM-N-6b, AIM-7E)
Sidewinder IA (AIM-9B)
Phoenix (AIM-54C).