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Selected USAF Missiles of the Cold War


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Selected USAF Missiles of the Cold War
by Peter Alway

Recent work from Rockets of the World author Peter Alway. This comb-bound booklet is 50 pages long and features 31 photos along with detailed color-keyed dimensioned drawings and historical summaries for select Air Force missiles used during the Cold War. Included in the booklet is info on these missiles:

MX-774 Hiroc
Atlas A (two versions)
Atlas B (two versions
Atlas D (two versions)
Thor (R&D and Operational)
Titan I
Titan II
Minuteman IA
Minuteman II
Minuteman III
Bomarc A
MX-904 (Falcon prototype, two versions)
Falcon (Four versions: GAR-1/AIM-4, GAR-1D/AIM-4A, AIM-4D/GAR-2B, GAR-3/AIM 4E)