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Sonda II B Model Rocket Kit (18mm Version)


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The Sonda II B is the largest of Brazil's series of Sonda II sounding rockets. The Sonda II was first flown during the early 1970's and continues in use today.

Ease of construction and painting makes this model of a Brazilian Sounding Rocket a great first scale kit! Includes trim tape to make detailing easy. Flies well on A through D 18mm engines.

This kit comes with laser-cut fins, hard balsa nose cone, quick-change engine hook, self-adhesive trim strips and complete instructions!


Length: 19.25"/48.9 cm
Diameter: .976"/24.8 mm
Weight: 1.25 oz/35.4 gm
12" Parachute Recovery
Scale: approx. 1/12 (0.083)
Skill Level: Beginner
Center of Pressure: 15.95" from tip of nose
Recommended Engines: A3-4 (Q-Jet); A8 - 3; B4 - 4; B4-4 (Q-Jet); B6 - 4; C6 - 5; C12-6 (Q-Jet); C18-6 (Q-Jet); D16-6 (Q-Jet); D20-6 (Q-Jet)

Estimated (calculated) altitudes:

with A3-4: 270 feet/82 meters
with A8-3: 260 feet/79 meters
with B4-4 (Estes): 555 feet/169 meters
with B4-4 (Q-Jet): 620 feet/189 meters
with B6-4: 560 feet/171 meters
with C6-5: 1085 feet/331 meters
with C12-6: 1090 feet/332 meters
with D16-6: 1260 feet/384 meters

What you'll need to build this model:

Adhesives (Wood glue, such as Elmer’s Carpenters Glue, can be used throughout and is recommended for most construction. Other adhesives [epoxy, cyanoacrylate, etc.] may be used if you are familiar with their use and prefer them.); Hobby Knife with sharp #11 Blade; Ruler; Pencil; Masking Tape; Sandpapers (Medium - 180 or 220, Fine 320 or 400, & [optionally] Extra-Fine - 500 or 600); Sanding Sealer (or other balsa filler coat); Thinner (appropriate for the type of sanding sealer used); Small Paint Brush (to apply sealer); Spray Paint (such as Testors or Krylon is recommended, do not mix brands/types without testing) - Primer (optional, but recommended), White, Fluorescent Red & (optionally) Clear.
Recommended, but not required: Sanding Block; Tack Cloth.
Optional: Material to fill body tube seams and/or any imperfections in wood parts, such as Elmer’s Carpenters Wood Filler, Interior Spackling Paste, etc.

What else you'll need to fly this model:

Electronic launch system; launch pad with 1/8" launch rod; recovery wadding; engines (see list of recommended engines above).