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Space Crater™ Egglofter (Estes)


Price: $22.99 each


Easy-to-build model that can "crate" an egg into the air! The Space Crater is perfect for the first-time "egg launching" rocketeer. All parts are pre-colored in this "E2X - Easy to Assemble" kit from Estes. Can be flown with or without an egg.

Not exactly a competition-style kit, but in a pinch could be used as a quick-building "qualifier" model for C Eggloft.


Length: 18.5 in/47cm
Diameter: 0.98 in/25mm
Approx. Weight: 2.6 oz/72.7g
Parachute Recovery
Skill Level 1
Recommended Engines: Without egg: B6-4 (first launch), C6-5. With egg: C6-3.

What else you'll need to fly this model:

Electronic launch system; launch pad with 1/8" launch rod; engines (see list of recommended engines above).