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Spirit Easy-To-Build Rocket Kit (Estes)


Price: $17.99 each


Easy to build model rocket from Estes with a patriotic red, white & blue color scheme. Assembly is simple and you can be ready to fly in about an hour! Reaching altitudes up to 700 feet, you can launch it over and over with standard size B or C engines. Recovery is by 15" pre-made parachute.

The components are pre-finished, so there’s no sanding or painting required. Self-adhesive decals are included. Plastic glue is recommended for construction.

Length: 23 in (58.4 cm)
Diameter: 0.98 in (25 mm)
Estimated Weight: 1.8 oz (51 g)
Recommended Engines: B4-2, B4-4, B6-2, B6-4, C6-3, C6-5
Projected Max Altitude: 700 ft (213 m)

What else you'll need to build this rocket:

Plastic Cement, tape.

What else you'll need to fly this rocket:

Engines (see list above); Recovery Wadding; Electronic Launch System and Launch Pad with 1/8" Launch Rod.