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Super Orbital Transport Model Rocket Kit (Estes, 24mm)


Price: $49.99 each


The original Estes Orbital Transport was released in the late 60's and is one of the most classic kits ever! This model launches vertically, and at apogee the glider separates and wings it's way down to earth while the booster returns on an 18" parachute. This new "Super" version is an Expert build, as was the original, but updated for the 21st Century. Included are laser-cut wood parts, construction jigs, plastic nose cones and two sheets of three-color decals. At over 2 1/2 feet tall, this is a bit larger version than the original.


Length: 31.3"/80 cm
Diameter: 1.33"/34 mm
Estimated Weight: 5.4 oz/153 gm
Parachute & Glide Recovery
Recommended Engines: C11-3; D12-5
Requires 3/16" Launch Rod
Recommended for Expert modelers

What else you'll need to build this model:

Scissors, pencil, ruler, wood glue, plastic cement, hobby knife, masking tape, sandpaper, sanding sealer, paint.

What else you'll need to fly this model:

Electronic launch system; launch pad with 3/16" rod; recovery wadding; engines (see list of recommended engines above).