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The American Rocketry Challenge (ARC)

We're proud to have been selected as an Officially Recommended Vendor for The American Rocketry Challenge since the first year of the event!
The American Rocketry Challenge (ARC) is a national rocket contest for high school and middle school age students in the United States. Sponsored by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), the The American Rocketry Challenge is is open to teams from schools, scout groups, 4-H, Civil Air Patrol, and more (including homeschoolers).
Originally planned as a one-time event (to coincide with the 100 year anniversary of flight) in 2002, the event has been such a success that it is now in it's 21st year! Originally named The Team America Rocketry Challenge, the event has been rebranded as The American Rocketry Challenge and is the only aerospace-specific national STEM competition. Thousands of teams and over 85,000 students have participated in the past events!
This is a truly great event, and we would like to encourage you to participate. You can sign up for news & updates on the website. You can see the current contest rules here.
If you are a student or an educator, register a team (or teams) from your school or eligible group. If you are a senior NAR member, be sure to sign up to serve as a mentor for the program (and if you aren't a member, join now!).

The registration for this years contest is now open! Be sure to check out the ARC web site for other important dates and info!

We carry lots of components, parachutes, single-use engines and other supplies that a ARC team may need to build and fly their models! Be sure to check out the ASP store for your ARC needs!

From the ARC rules and website:

"You can fly a kit for practice and learning flights, but you must advance to an original design for your actual qualification and finals flights. For this official rocket you can use parts from several kits or any part you want from one kit, as long as you don’t use one complete kit with minimal modifications."

For this reason, we, nor other manufacturers, do not (and should not) produce a kit that can directly be entered in the competition. We were asked to design a kit that would give teams new, or relatively new, to rocketry a good introduction to building a basic model rocket. The Sky-Ferry is a great kit to learn basic rocketry modeling. It features balsa fins and nose cone, payload section (big enough for your altimeter), quick change engine hook and bright parachute recovery. You can see more about this kit and special pricing for registered teams on the TARC page under the Resources tab (or click here).

"We want to see originality and design effort go into the rocket that you compete with; it is a major learning objective for TARC."

Likewise we do not provide a ARC "parts package", as we feel that could lead the competitors to build simply with the parts provided and could stifle the "out-of-the-box" thinking and originality that we've seen from many ARC teams over the years.

And as much as we'd love for you to purchase all of your ARC needs from us, we don't think you should necessarily limit yourself to a single supplier (be it ASP or any other company). Even though it may be simpler or easier to get everything from one supplier, we don't think you should limit your teams options.

"Aerospace Speciality Products was highly instrumental in my TARC team's success this year. All orders were fulfilled with expertise and speed, and Andy went above and beyond to ensure that we had precisely the right rocketry components. I say wholeheartedly that Aerospace Speciality Products is second to none in customer service. Trust all of your rocketry needs to Andy whether you are a hobbyist or going after the Team America Rocketry Challenge. Great company!"
Greg Severino
Soaring Six Coach (Our Lady of Calvary School, Philadelphia, PA, 6th Place at TARC Finals 2017)

Registered ARC Teams get a 10% discount on merchandise!*

Simply provide us with your ARC team number (if ordering online just note it in the "Special Requests" section as you checkout) and we'll take care of the discount! You cannot combine this discount with any other discount code or offer.
*Discount does not apply to any Jolly Logic brand products or the "ARC Special Items" pricing on the Sky-Ferry kit and launch set.

And yes, we do gladly accept school purchase orders when submitted on proper letterhead/forms!

If you have any questions about the The American Rocketry Challenge, or what we can provide to you to help your team in the contest, be sure to contact us!


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