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The V-2 in America


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Designed as a weapon of war and leveraged as an instrument of terror, the German V-2 was the world's first ballistic missile. While the story of the V-2 during World War II is widely known, the post-war history of the V-2 in America remains largely untold. Our "V-2 in America" DVD contains over four hours of video content:
  • "The V-2 in America," an original short film covering the early years of V-2 research at White Sands and Cape Canaveral
  • A USAF-produced overview of the "Blossom" upper atmosphere research project, plus additional archival footage of Blossom flight and payload preparation
  • Footage of Bumper WAC flights B-8 and B-7, the first flights from America's Cape Canaveral launch facility
  • Background coverage of V-2 assembly, testing, and launches in Germany at the Peenemunde research center
  • The USAF-produced briefing film "Guided Missiles"
  • "The Cape," a 1963 film on the early years of the Cape Canaveral Missile Range
  • The USAF-produced documentary "Laboratories Beyond the Sky," highlighting V-2 flights and research at the White Sands Proving Grounds
  • Archival footage of the US Navy's "Operation Sandy," the launch of a V-2 rocket from the aircraft carrier US Midway
  • "Project Backfire," a British-produced film on the first post-war V-2 research launches at Cuxhaven
  • V-2 assembly and launch campaign footage from the White Sands Proving Ground
  • A special "Modeler's Notes" audio track

Running time approximately 265 minutes. NTSC, encloded for all regions. All footage and images courtesy NARA, USAF, and USN. Compilation ©2010, This DVD contains both silent and sound film elements.

You can see the V-2 in America trailer on YouTube