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Theta 18 Starter Set


Retail Price: $69.22
ASP Price: $59.99 each
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This Launch Set comes with our popular Theta 18 kit which is a model that is easy to build and fly!
Included launch system comes with an electronic launch system and a launch pad with 1/8" rod. There is also a three pack of Estes A8-3 engines and a package of recovery wadding included.

Please note: as this set contains engines we can only ship this item by ground to the Continental US and it may take longer in transit.

Rocket Specifications:

Features laser-cut balsa fins, plastic nose cone & streamer recovery. Designed to fly on easy to find 18 mm A, B or C engines.

Length: 15"/38 cm    
Diameter: 0.98"/24.9 mm
Weight: 1.1 oz/30 gm
Streamer Recovery  
Skill Level: Beginner
Center of Pressure: 12.3" from tip of Nose Cone
Recommended Engines: 1/2A6-2; A3-4; A8-3; B4-4; B6-4; C6-5; C12-6; D16-6

Estimated (calculated) altitudes:

with 1/2A6-2: 100 feet/30.5 meters
with A3-4: 275 feet/84 meters
with A8-3: 265 feet/81 meters

with B4-4 (Estes): 510 feet/155.5 meters
with B4-4 (Quest Q-Jet): 570 feet/174 meters

with B6-4: 510 feet/155.5 meters
with C6-5: 930 feet/283.5 meters
with C12-6: 895 feet/273 meters
with D16-6: 1010 feet/308 meters

What you'll need to build this model:

Required: Adhesive (A wood glue, such as Elmer's Carpenters Glue or Titebond can be used for all steps and is recommended); sandpaper (medium - 220 or 280 grit); pencil or ball point pen; scissors or hobby knife; tape (cellophane or masking).
Optional: sandpaper (fine - 320 or 400 grit, extra fine - 500 or 600 grit); filler material (such as Elmer's Fill & Finish, Elmer's Professional Carpenter's Wood Filler or interior spackling paste); sanding sealer (or balsa fillercoat); thinner (appropriate type for the sanding sealer); small paint brush; paint (Spray paint, such as Krylon, Rustoleum or Testors is recommended. Be sure not to mix different types or brands of paint without testing.) - primer; colors as desired & clear; sanding block; tack cloth.

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What else you'll need to fly this rocket:

One 9V Alkaline Battery, additional Engines if desired (see list above)