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Twelve Soviet Missiles of the Cold War


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Twelve Soviet Missiles of the Cold War
by Peter Alway

Rerelease of a 2005 work from Rockets of the World author Peter Alway.
34 page comb-bound booklet with historical info, dimensioned and color-coded drawings and several B & W photos of twelve missiles used by the Soviet Union.

Includes info on the following missiles:

Korolev R-1             8A11                    SS-1A Scunner
Korolev R-2             8Zh38                  SS-2 Sibling             Pobeda
Korolev R-5             8K51                    SS-3 Shyster           T-1 or M-101
Korolev R-7             8K71 and 8K74   SS-6 Sapwood         Semyorka
Korolev R-11           8A61 and 8K11   SS-1B Scud A          T-7A
Korolev R-17           8K14                    SS-1C Scud B         T-7B
Yangel R-12            8K63                    SS-4 Sandal
Yangel R-14            8K65                    SS-5 Skean
Lavochkin V-300     SA-1 Guild           R-113, S-25, or Berkut
Lavochkin V-750     SA-2 Guideline    S-75, or Dvina
Lavochkin S-125     SA-3 Goa            5B24, Neva, or Perchora
Lavochkin V-1000   Griffon                 RZ-25