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Versi - Loader 2 Kit


Price: $21.95 each


New version of our popular Versi - Loader kit that was updated to conform to the 2017 NAR payload rules. Easy-to-build 18mm engine model. This kit features balsa nose cone and bulkhead, laser-cut balsa fins as well as a complete payload kit. Can be flown either single-stage or two-stage. Although designed primarily as a payload model,  the Versi - Loader 2 is also capable of being used as a Parachute or Streamer Duration model in the higher impulse events (B & up) as well as in Altitude events, or even just for fun as a high-flying Sport Model! Includes our newly updated NAR-Style Payload.


    Length (Single-Stage)*: 17.75"/45.1 cm    
    Length (Two-Stage)*: 20.5"/52.1 cm    
    Dia.: .739"/18.77 mm
    Weight (Single-Stage w/Payload)*: 1.75 oz/50 gm
    Weight (Two-Stage w/Payload)*: 2 oz/56.5 gm
    Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
    Parachute Recovery    
    Center of Pressure (Single-Stage): 15.3" from tip of nose cone    
    Center of Pressure (Two-Stage): 17.3" from tip of nose cone    

    * Length and weight may vary depending on how you decide to build the model, see instructions for full details.

    Recommended Engines (Single Stage):
         A8-3; B6-6; C6-7; C12-8; C18-8; D16-8; D20-8
    Recommended Engines (Two Stage):
         Booster Stage: A8-0; B6-0; C6-0
         Upper Stage: A8-5; B6-6; C6-7

What you'll need to build this rocket:

Adhesives – a thin or medium viscosity cyanoacrylate ("CA") glue can be used for most steps and is recommended (other adhesives, such as wood glue, [i.e., Elmer's Carpenters Glue or Titebond] or epoxy can be used if you prefer and are familiar with their use, but the use of a CA glue will usually provide the lightest weight model); hobby knife with a sharp #11 blade; pencil; felt tip marker; sandpaper (medium - 220 or 280, fine - 320 or 400, & [optionally] extra fine - 500 or 600); pencil; Sanding Sealer (or other balsa filler coat); Thinner (appropriate for the type of sanding sealer used); Small Paint Brush (to apply sealer); Spray Paint (such as Rust-Oleum, Krylon, or Testors is recommended. Be sure not to mix different types or brands of paint without testing.) - primer (optional), color(s) as desired (see instructions).
Recommended, but not required: sanding block; extender tip for cyanoacrylate glue; gram scale (see instructions).
Optional (see instructions): accelerator for cyanoacrylate glue; material to fill body tube seams and/or any imperfections in wood parts, such as Elmer’s Carpenters Wood Filler, Interior Spackling Paste, etc.

What else you'll need to fly this rocket:

Engines (see list above); Recovery Wadding; Electronic Launch System and Launch Pad; Electronic Altimiter may be required if flying in competition.

You can read the instructions for this kit by clicking here.