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Vigilante A3J/RA-5C


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The largest aircraft ever to fly operationally from an aircraft carrier, the A3J Vigilante was originally designed as a nuclear attack bomber. The Vigilante was soon modified to fill a reconaissance role as the RA-5C and saw extensive action in the skies over Vietnam.

With almost an hour of fascinating archival coverage on the Vigilante, this DVD package features:

* A U.S. Navy film highlighting pre-flight and in-flight operations of the A3J

* A3J operations on board the U.S.S. Enterprise in 1962, including catapult and recovery

* RA-5C deck and flight operations off of the coast of Vietnam, with expert commentary from Vigilante aviator Capt. Walter Alt, USN (Ret.)

* RVAH-12 photo recon ops aboard the USS Constellation

* LSO onboard operations and on-shore training activities, with audio commentary from Capt. David Carey, USN (Ret.)

* Extensive still photo archives

* An alternate "Modeler's Notes" audio program