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Wings of Fire: the Messerschmitt ME-163


Price: $9.95 each


Taking to the skies over Germany in the final days of World War II, the Messerschmitt ME-163 was the world's first rocket-powered fighter. This DVD release from contains the following:

* an original short film covering the exciting history of the first rocket-propelled fighter to see combat

* flight testing and development footage of the early ME-163A and the operational ME-163B, with special audio commentary tracks

* coverage of Walter engine testing, with audio commentary

* a vintage US Army Air Corps briefing on the ME-163, with original audio

* World War II gun camera films, including shots of the ME-163B in combat

* rare footage of ME-163 catapult launch testing with audio commentary

* fascinating coverage of Reinhold Tiling's early research on rocket-boosted gliders with audio commentary

* footage of early German rocket vehicle testing by Sander, Valier, and von Opel with audio commentary

* still photos of the ME-163, accessible via DVD slide show or computer DVD-ROM drive

* a special Modelers Notes audio commentary track