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Educator Info for Model Rocketry

Here are some documents, links, etc. that we think will be of help to anyone using rocketry in an educational setting, whether it be in a traditional school classroom, with a scout or 4-H group or even in a home school situation. And even though these materials are aimed at educators, there is lots of good info for any rocketry hobbyist.

Be sure to also check out the Tips & Info section as well as the regular Links section for other info you may find useful. We will be adding to this section, so check back often. If you have any information, links, etc that you think might be good for us to add here, please contact us!

Basic Training for Educators (or, "What to do while the glue is drying")
This is a copy of a handout from a presentation given by our good friend Kevin Wickart. It has lots of tips that anyone using rocketry as a teaching tool should find worthwhile. There is also a bit of humor...  Check out the pdf of this by clicking here. Our sincere thinks to Kevin for allowing us to share this with you.

"What Can I Teach My Students Through Model Rocketry?"
Yes, there are the obvious subjects such as physics, but this one page listing from the NAR Educational CD will give you lots of ideas on maybe some no-so-obvious subjects that rocketry can be used with in the classroom. Read it here.

Educator Resources on the Web
There is a wealth of info on the web suitable for use by teachers, scout leaders and other educators. Here are just a few good links to get you started.

The National Association of Rocketry (NAR) has a brief Basic Rocketry Presentation aimed at school audiences. You can see "This is Rocketry" here.

The NAR also has lots of other material for the educator, including a CD-ROM filled with valuable and useful rocketry resources for teachers and youth group leaders. The CD is no longer available as a physical disc, but you can download and copy the contents online through the Rocketry Resource Portal at this link.

"Adventures in Rocket Science" is a 166 page pdf educational guide from NASA containing activities suitable for grades K-12 as well as 4-H Clubs, Scouts, etc. Well worth the download, you can get Adventures in Rocket Science here.

NASA also has a huge selection of rocketry resources that are suitable for classroom and student use. These cover from basic rocket science to info on basic model rocketry. You can access the NASA Rocket Index here.

NASA lists some fun Classroom Activities here.


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