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Conformal Rail Guides for T-80/T-2.6 Tubes now in stock.

Conformal Rail Guides that fit our T-80H or T-2.6 tubes (or similar size tubes from other manufacturers) are now in stock and ready to ship!

The underside is curved to fit the outside of those tubes and makes gluing them in place very easy. With the TARC rules this year we expect these to be a very popular item! For more details on the rail guides click here!



I must say that I was very impressed with the WAC Corporal kit I bought from you guys.  The quality of the components, particularly the recovery system, was so much higher than Estes. I had built that rocket when I was a kid, back in 1968, from an Estes kit, and still love the rocket.  Yours is so much better:  the kevlar cord, the way it is attached, and the shock cord are so much better, as is the nose cone.I will be buying other of your scale kits because of this.  I don’t think you do enough to tout the higher quality components.
Thanks for everything. - George P.

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