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New Estes Helicopter Kit in stock!

When Estes announced they were releasing a competition-style helicopter kit a while back, the internet forums went crazy! And now the Mini "A" Heli is available! Designed to fly on an A10-3T, this should be a fun build for the moderately experienced modeler. For all the details and to order the Mini "A" Heli click here!

We also have the new "Space Crater" egglofter kit in stock - while this isn't exactly a true competition kit, the easy to build model can serve as a fun introduction to the joys of egglofting! Check it out here!



Just wanted to say, you folks are awesome! Your 29mm Sandhawk and the 24mm BBV are my favorite kits of all time and I can't wait to build some more. -  Mikey G.


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