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New color of Sport 'Chute now available!

We've added a new color to our lineup of Sport 'Chutes and HD ("Heavy-Duty") Sport 'Chutes - Two-Sided Gold and Silver (silver on one side and gold on the other)!
The new color is available in 9", 12", 15", & 18" sizes in Sport 'Chutes and 12", 15", & 18" HD Sport 'Chutes. You can check them out by clicking here. For Sport 'Chutes & HD 'Chutes other than silver, click on the 'chute size noted as "color" and then use the drop-down menu to see all the available colors!


My first order from ASP will not be my last. Truly excellent packaging, speedy service and high product quality, as well as innovative kits that make me a better rocketeer. The competition bug bit me, and ASP is the answer! - Ron K.

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