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Eggstravaganza 18 and 24 are both ready to ship!

The newest versions of our popular and contest winning “Eggstravagana” series of competition Egglofter Kits is now in stock! You've been asking for them to come back and they are here (and we think better than ever)!

Our "Platinum Edition"Egglofter kits feature an aerodynamic & lightweight clear plastic egg cone, shock cords made of KEVLAR® and elastic & laser-cut G10 fins. The tapered bright silver shroud reduces drag while giving plenty of room for our "Over Easy"parachutes! These kits have been used extensively in NAR competition and have helped modelers bring home many trophies! May be flown in either Altitude or Duration events.

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Love you guys. Best rocket shop out there! - Paul M.

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