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New combo packs of our Neon Sport 'Chutes now available!

We've gotten great response & feedback on our Neon Sport 'Chutes, and now we have several combo/bulk packs available at discounted prices!
Really love a specific color? You can order "All the Pinks (or Oranges, or Greens or Yellows)" and get one of each size (12", 15" & 18") in that color!
Use a lot of one size parachute? If you order "All the Twelves (or Fifteens or Eighteens)" you'll get four of the different color 'chutes in that size!
Want a lot of these colorful recovery devices? Order "The Dynamic Dozen" and get one each of the Neon Sport 'Chutes!
Each of these combos is priced to save you money compared to ordering the 'chutes individually, and we're offering these new packs at an even better introductory price! Check them all out by clicking here!



Thank you for the nice kits. Your kits and service are exceptional. - Steve S.

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