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Shipping times FYI

Primarily due to issues with COVID-19 and curfews in some cities, many USPS shipments have been taking longer than normal.

We have seen this especially with ground shipments (those containing engines, sanding sealer, etc.). These shipments that normally may take 5-7 days in transit are sometimes now taking significantly longer. We are also not seeing as many tracking scans as normal, so when trying to track orders you may not see them "moving", but please be patient as they may not show up in tracking until very near your location.

Priority/First Class shipments are sometimes seeing minor delays, but generally not more than a day or two.

We are asking for your patience with shipping times, and in general we have no more information than is shown on the online tracking of USPS (or UPS) and as much as we wish we could, there is nothing we can really due to speed the shipping process up.


Appreciate the quick response and stellar customer service!! - Nick H.

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