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Some notes on shipping times...

As we're sure you're aware, shipping has been, let's say, challenging this past year... it's been just as frustrating (if not more) for us as shippers as it is for those of you that have been waiting for orders to arrive.

With issues due primarily to increased shipping demands and COVID-19 staffing we started seeing some delays in delivery times back in the summer. And with the unprecedented package volumes during the holidays this year, even more shipments have been taking their sweet time reaching their destinations...

Hopefully when the holiday backlog gets cleared out delivery times will improve, although we do still expect some delays, especially with ground shipments.

Also we have not been seeing as many tracking scans as normal, so when trying to track orders you may not see them "moving", but please be patient as they may not show up in tracking until very near your location.

?Please note that when we ship your orders the tracking info does come from a different email address than our normal messages, and the shipping emails seem to go into spam frequently, so if you haven't seen the tracking email after we have confirmed the order has been processed please be sure to check your spam folder to see if it's hiding in there.??

We are asking for your continued patience with shipping times, and in general we have no more information than what is shown on the online tracking of USPS or UPS and as much as we wish we could, there is nothing we can really due to speed the shipping process up one we hand your package off to the shipper.


Thanks again for the great service and I love your kits. - Jeff J.

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