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New Aerotech & Quest motors available!

We finally have our first batch of new Aerotech & Quest motors. We're still back-ordered on some (and some delays), but for now the Q-Jet 24mm D22 (in 4 & 7 second delays) and Enerjet F52C (in 5 & 8 second delays) are available.

The Q-Jets are the same dimensions as an Estes D12 or Aerotech E20 (24mm x 70mm) and uses the White Lightening propellant formulation. You can check out all the Q-Jets by clicking here!

The Aerotech "Classic" Enerjet™ F52C is a single use 29mm motor and has a propellant that's designed to mimic the original Enerjet motors. These are USPS Ground shippable for no extra Hazmat fees! Click here for all the details and to order!

We'll let you know ASAP when we have the other Q-Jets and other delays in stock!



Thank You for the prompt and courteous service you provide. - Al W.

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