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Shipping charges on longer boxes FYI

Please note that beginning in April, USPS will be issuing a surcharge on longer boxes. Boxes over 22” will incur an additional fee of $4 while boxes over 30” will be charged an additional $15!

These fees will effect many of our shipments, especially those containing body tubes, balsa sheets, and/or larger kits. We have already moved more business on larger packages to UPS, and these changes may necessitate more shipments be shifted to UPS. Unfortunately the base rate for some packages via UPS is higher than USPS...

At this time we have not been able to come up with an easy “formula” to calculate shipping rates on longer packages, so we will have to evaluate each order as it comes through the system and we will contact you ASAP if your order might need to incur extra fees due to length or by switching to a different carrier. We will always get your approval for any additional fees before they are charged. If it’s only a tube or two we may ask you if we can cut the tube(s) in half to keep the lengths down.



Thanks again for the great service and I love your kits. - Jeff J.

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