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Aerospace Speciality Products likes to bring you the latest news about new model rocket kits, other new products, events we'll be attending and more. Below are our latest news items! Click on the headlines for more details!


9/10/2019 - Two new Estes kits in stock!
One scale, one glider...

9/1/2019 - September Specials Updated
Specials for this month are online now!

8/28/2019 - Upcoming Schedule
Our office will be closed 9/20 - 9/23.

8/9/2019 - Two more Micro Kits Re-issued!
Micro Corporal and Micro RP-3 Scale kits both available again!

8/6/2019 - New Estes items in stock!
Rocket Cradle and 18mm Retainers now available.

8/6/2019 - C11-3 and C11-5 back in stock.
These 24mm engines are now available again!

7/15/2019 - Micro Sandhawk available again!
Our Sandia Sandhawk kit for Quest Micro Maxx motors is back in stock!

5/22/2019 - Big WAC is back!
Our popular 2.6" diameter WAC Corporal kit is available again!

4/29/2019 - Aerotech F67-6W back in stock.
Also F42-4T, F44-8W...

4/9/2019 - Estes RTF Saturn V Kit here now!
1/200th Scale kit is now in stock!

3/25/2019 - Micro Maxx nose cones now available.
3d printed nose cones to fit our Micro Maxx body tubes.

3/1/2019 - New "Thermal Seeker" Duration kits available!
New competition kits for parachute and streamer duration events are in stock and ready to ship!

2/16/2019 - Micro WAC is back!
Our WAC Corporal kit for Quest Micro Maxx motors is back in stock!

2/3/2019 - Estes Saturn V Kit now in stock.
Updated 1/100th scale kit now available!

12/18/2018 - New Estes Scale Kits now in stock.
Little Joe I and Black Brant III scale kits for 18mm engines are now in stock & ready to ship!

11/16/2018 - Q-Jet C12 and D16 engines in stock.
Quest Q-Jet C12 & D16 are each available in three delays.

10/22/2018 - New fin sets available.
Several pre-cut wood fins have been added to the site.

9/25/2018 - Eggstravaganza 18 and 24 are both ready to ship!
Our popular and contest winning “Eggstravagana” series of Egglofter Kits is back!

9/19/2018 - New books in stock!
"V2: The A4 Rocket from Peenemunde to Redstone", "The Complete History of U.S. Cruise Missiles", and "Testbeds, Motherships & Parasites" are now available!

8/24/2018 - Versi - Loader 2 Kit Now Available!
Easy-to-build 18mm kit for NAR payload competition.

8/10/2018 - Glider & helicopter kits now in stock...
We've brought in a few new kits from Semroc...

8/10/2018 - Dr Zooch Falcon Heavy kit now in stock!
Scale kit of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket is now available.

8/9/2018 - AltimeterThree back in stock!
The popular Jolly Logic AltimeterThree is available again...

6/22/2018 - Contest Balsa now in stock.
Very light balsa wood sheets are now available...

6/19/2018 - Sanding Sealer back in stock.
Need to fill some balsa grain???

6/7/2018 - TARC 2018 is in the books!
Here is a brief recap of the Team America Rocketry Challenge 2018 Finals from May...

5/24/2018 - New color of Sport 'Chute now available!
New color for both our Sport 'Chute and "HD" Sport 'Chutes now in stock...

4/7/2018 - New Estes Helicopter Kit in stock!
The new comp-style Mini "A" Heli as well as the "Space Crater" kits are now in stock!

3/30/2018 - Chute Release Protectors now in stock
Fire-resistant sleeves for Jolly Logic Chute Release are now available.

12/11/2017 - Epoxy Dispensing Syringes now available
These are the same ones we include with many of our 1.9" 29mm kits...

11/18/2017 - Two new 29mm Scale Kits!
Aerobee 100 Junior and Aerobee 300 kits now ready to ship!

10/26/2017 - New Competition Payload Kit available
New payload conforms to the recently updated NAR Payload rules.

9/20/2017 - Irma Update #2
Power is back!

9/14/2017 - Irma Update
The eye of Hurricane Irma passed very close to us Sunday night...

8/15/2017 - Micro Maxx Engines back in stock!
Quest Micro Maxx engines and Micro Maxx launch systems are available again.

7/19/2017 - T70/80 transitions in stock.
We have plenty of our 70/80 balsa transitions sections in stock!

7/9/2017 - Conformal Rail Guides for T-80/T-2.6 Tubes now in stock.
These should be very popular for TARC this year!

6/26/2017 - Festus High School wins International Rocketry Challenge!
TARC champs take the Gold medal at the Paris Air Show, besting teams from around the world!

6/12/2017 - GO BOX and FullBoost Launch Systems in stock.
These popular launch systems from Pratt Hobbies are now in stock and ready to ship.

5/20/2017 - Congrats to the 2017 TARC Champs!
Festus High School took first place at the TARC finals this year.

4/10/2017 - New Nike Apache scale kit now in stock.
1/12.45th scale kit from Estes for 18mm engines.

3/10/2017 - Price reduction on dvds.
All aviation and rocketry related dvds are now priced at $9.95!

5/25/2016 - Congrats to the 2016 TARC Champs!
The Odle Middle School "Space Potatoes" won first place!

3/20/2016 - New Mid-Power Scale Kits!
We've just released three new mid-power scale kits based on our sturdy 1.9" tubing.

1/20/2016 - Jolly Logic Chute Release Now Available!
This much-anticipated new product from Jolly Logic is a parachute deployment product for model rocketry which gives you control over when your parachute opens without having to use additional ejection charges or black powder.

12/19/2015 - T-80 Bulkheads
Balsa bulkheads for T-80 tubes now in stock.

11/20/2015 - New Estes scale Honest John kit now in stock.
1/14 scale Honest John for 24mm engines.

10/20/2015 - Rockets of the World Poster now in stock!
22" x 34" full-color poster!

9/15/2015 - Kappa-7-1 Kit Updated
Our 18mm model of the Japanese Kappa-7-1 rocket has been given an update.

7/26/2015 - More updated Scale Kits!
Our 13mm "Minimum Diameter" D-Region Tomahawk, IQSY Tomahawk & Sandia Sandhawk scale kits have all been updated!

7/23/2015 - More cones!
Several new nose cones have been added to the site...

5/31/2015 - Estes Mercury Redstone kit in stock.
New scale kit for 18mm engines.

5/12/2015 - Congrats to TARC champs Russellville City School!
The 2015 Team America Rocketry Challenge finals are in the books!

4/14/2015 - 1.9" tubes and related parts now in stock.
We've added 1.9" tubes, rings, couplers, bulkheads and cones.

3/23/2015 - Notice something different?
We've updated our site!

1/13/2015 - Updated 13mm V-2 kit
We've re-written the instructions and made some minor upgrades to our mini-engine size V-2.

12/31/2014 - Kappa 9-M Kit update!
Our larger Kappa 9-M kit has been given a big update!

12/28/2014 - More kit updates!
Still more of our "classic" scale kits have been updated!

11/25/2014 - Clear tubes now in stock.
T-20 and T-50 size clear tubing for payload sections, etc is now in stock.

11/12/2014 - The updates continue!
We're updating many of our original kits, and a few more are ready...

10/21/2014 - New Skylark Scale Kit available!
New kit for 13mm engines is ready to ship at a special intro price!

9/23/2014 - Everything old is new again at ASP...
As we near our third decade, we're making some changes around here...

8/13/2014 - Are you on Facebook?
If you're a Facebook user, be sure to "Like" our page!

5/26/2014 - New Estes launch equipment now in stock.
Estes Astron II™ and Pro Series II™ Launch Pads & Controllers are now in stock.

5/7/2014 - New 30" Sport 'Chutes & HD Sport 'Chutes available
Lots of 'chute news - we now have 30" Sport 'Chutes & 30" HD ("Heavy-Duty") Sport 'Chutes available in Silver, Gold, Red and two-sided Geometric/Silver!

3/25/2014 - Two new colors of 'chutes now available!
Our popular Sport 'Chutes and "HD" (Heavy-Duty) Sport 'Chutes are now available in Indigo and Two-Sided Geometric/Silver!

3/3/2014 - Time to catch up on your reading!
Huge inventory reduction/close-out sale on lots of great books! Most very limited, so don't get shut out on the super deals!


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